What I’m reading


The Third Plate -Field Notes on the Future of Food by Dan Barber
First of all Dan Barber really gets it. I love watching him on Chef’s Table and I’m ever so thankful for his efforts toward making people more conscientious about their food choices and food sustainability. The Third Plate is a book that explores “a radical new way of looking at food, that eating is an ethical act, and that we can learn to heal the land while eating food that tastes good too.

Taproot Magazine- Mend,  I love this no ads magazine filled with warm, comforting and informative stories. This is a magazine for people interested in deepening their connections with nature, the world around them, family and community.

Farm City– by Novella Carpenter. I loved this book, what a beautiful story by an urban farmer. It was hard for me to put this book down. I learned more about gardening and farming from this book than any other book I’ve read.

I’ve read all of Michael Pollan’s books, my favorite one is his latest – Cooked.

A book I just ordered and can’t wait to read is Growing a Farmer. This book is about the day to day activities of Kurt Timmermeister and his introduction to homesteading and making the connection between the food he eats and where it’s grown.

The Feast Nearby by Robin Mather-oh how I love this book. I found an interview with Robin Mather here that also tells you a bit about her work. This book is a compilation of essays written about Robin’s life after she got divorced and lost her job. The essays about keeping food, putting food by, living on a strict budget and so much more are beautiful. Some of the best writing I’ve ever read, a real favorite of mine. I love that there are recipes and how-tos for everything. Easy, delicious, real good food recipes alongside beautiful prose. I couldn’t put it down and easily read it in two days. It will be by my side and at the ready throughout the rest of my life, I’m so sure of it.

Home Is Where My People are-Sophie Hudson– loved -see my review here

Chickens in the Road- Suzanne McMinn – this is one of my favorites books thus far this year. A superbly written story about the life one woman builds for herself after her divorce. I loved this book because it tells a real story, no punches pulled and leads you to believe with enough really hard work and faith dreams do come true. A major plus is all the recipes for good eats included!

2017- short list of books on my bedside–


  1. For my anniversary I asked for Climate Change- a book that HRH Prince of Wales contributed to and helped to get written. I’ve always considered HRH the “grandfather” of organic gardening, even though I am certain there were others. I first learned about organic gardening in the mid-eighties in a book written by HRH describing one of the first gardens he planted at Highgrove. At the time nobody else in the world was talking organic anything, but fortunately, I was sold on it from that time forward.
  2. Woodswoman by Anne LaBastille is a book about one woman’s self-sufficiency living on her own in the wild. Amazing book and very well written.
  3. Sylvia’s Farm by Sylvia Jorrin-one of my favorite books. I believe this is the third time I am reading this–a woman’s journey into becoming a shepherd. All of the trials of her early days raising sheep in all its glorious detail.
  4. Farmacology by Daphne Miller- M.D. –this is a book about farming, soil management and medicine written by a top nutritionist and medical doctor. I absolutely loved the concept and fully believe good agriculture can produce some powerfully good medicine.
  5. Harmony by HRH Prince of Wales- I love this book– it’s a reminder for all of us that until we learn to work with nature and respect nature our greatest challenges are always going to be rooted in the disharmony we have with nature.
  6. A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorisson– a farmhouse, France and lots of recipes. A food lover’s paradise all in one book.

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