What I am watching

Here’s a list of movies I’ve recently enjoyed about farming and gardening:

1) The First Season- this is about a family’s first year on their first farm in NY.

2) Ingredients- this is about the roots of the local food movement.

3) Farmland-an intimate look at farmers and ranchers.

4) Betting the Farm-  this is about 5 dairy farmers in Maine confronted with losing their farms.

5) Urban Fruit- this is about growing food in L.A. (urban farming)

6) The Organic Life- a couple chooses to eat organic locally grown for one year.

7) To Make a Farm- this is about two Canadian couples and their struggles learning how to farm, and learning how to be sustainable farmers.

All of these films are available to rent on Amazon’s instant video for as little as 1.99 for a 3 night rental.

I also watched a film on permaculture that was shown Sunday night 5/3  for free called Permaculture Soils by Geoff Lawton- more about it here . Thanks to this film I know everything I need to know about soil and also how to build a compost heap.

PBS has a lot of food shows that I enjoy!

  1. My number one favorite show is Chef & the Farmer. I like how Chef Howard narrates the show, I love the guests featured on her show like- Mr. Warren, Ms. Lillie, and other neighbors and friends. I also like how she showcases a food- vegetable, fruit, meat or cooking method on each show. In doing this I’ve learned history of the vegetable/fruit/meat- it’s origins, how it’s cooked in North Carolina, how it is part of Southern heritage and cooking–just everything about the subject matter. I’ve learned how to fix multiple dishes with tomatoes, green beans, peas, potatoes, pork, sausage, stews, and soups.