Fresh from the garden lettuce & RMO Essential Oils and Pest Control blend

For most of the last three weeks, all we’ve had in Wisconsin is rain, rain, and more rain. Every day is cloudy. Somehow in my fond dreams of yesteryear, I remember spring having some sunny, warm and simply satisfying days before the hot and sticky days of summer arrive. This year I made a solemn promise to take spring slow and enjoy every moment of it. Now all I want is heat and sun–go away rain, the rivers are flooding.  Less than two weeks after planting the last six lettuce plants we’ve had two big salads from those six plants, a lettuce leaf on five sandwiches this week, and lettuce on our hamburgers tonight. Believe it or not, there is still at least one salad left and more to come. This has been my most successful year of growing bibb lettuce.  While harvesting the lettuce I was bitten a total of three times by pesky mosquitos, which reminded me I need to order some Bug off! from Rocky Mountain Oils.

Last year I used a blend made from RMO’s cedarwood, lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils in purified water in a 4 oz spray bottle. I put in 30 drops of cedarwood, 25 drops of lavender, 15 drops of peppermint and 15 drops of lemongrass. I shake the spray bottle gently before each use.  I use either, it just depends if you want to make up your own batch or buy a blend that has all of the essential oils and more already in it. Either way, you cannot go wrong using Rocky Mountains Oils as your go-to pests go away and stay away from me spray.



Rocky Mountain essential Oils

I’ve been using oils for almost thirty years. For almost twenty-nine years, I’ve been buying them from a high-end grocery or health food store. I’ve always enjoyed using oils in soap, homemade lotions, and aromatherapy. I’ve practiced aromatherapy since I was a teenager. My favorite oils are- peppermint, orange, lemon and lavender. Peppermint is like Christmas for me and I use it all winter. Orange and lemon are fresh scents and I use them for cleaning, freshening my home and lightening my mood. Citrus oils are springtime for me. Lavender is a calming smell for me and my family and I’ve used it a lot in lotions and soap. I use lavender every night to help manage my sleep.  Although these oils have served a great purpose throughout the years, I wasn’t always sure they were pure and/or what they said they were. So I decided to look online for some alternatives to store bought essential oils. I found RMO- Rocky Mountain Essential Oils. The first essential oil I tried through this company was the Immunity Roll-On. It’s part of their kid’s line, but I use it every day.



I love the smell of their oils, their customer service, the speed that they ship product and the products themselves.  Rocky Mountain Oils is a leading non-MLM essential oils company. They’ve been around thirteen years and deliver directly to the consumer pure, authentic and safe essential oils. As a personal testimonial for this company, everything I have purchased from them has benefitted my family in one way or another. My husband LOVES their oils and he used to be the biggest non-believer of all.  I would highly recommend this company and its oils to anyone searching as I did for oils for my family’s day to day use. *I was not compensated in any way for this review*

My go-to essential oils guidebook