Container Gardening into August

It’s hard to believe it, because it seems like just yesterday, that school was getting out for the summer. Yet, school is back in session, or just about, in this part of the country. Back in May I was just transplanting seedlings to pots and trying them out on the deck. Temperatures overnight were still dipping down into the upper 50s. But not anymore, because tonight they are still in the low 80s and it’s nearly midnight.  Tonight I thinned out the last of the cucumbers and I ‘ll see if that helps them. I have two containers of cucumbers looking good- though one better than the other and one container of pumpkins (still waiting for these guys to appear) and lo and behold the tomatoes that wouldn’t ripen all summer are now ripening. And my beautiful plant from Bauer’s Markets in La Crescent, Minnesota has four more tomatoes on it.

IMG_2574 IMG_2577 IMG_2579 IMG_2582 IMG_2584 IMG_2589


A follower asked me a question this past weekend, that I thought was a good question, (aren’t all questions?) and I thought I would fit the answer into this post.

The ?– how I am doing on my gluten free diet?

Well folks, as strange as it may seem I don’t have as big of a problem as I did last year at this time.  For several years I was unable to eat foods with gluten in them. That’s a lot of food when you think about it. Especially since at one time, all foods had gluten (or so it seemed) and there was no such thing as gluten free. After having gone away from as much as I could and starting to feel better, I was convinced I had an allergy or intolerance to gluten. I went to the doctor, and without expensive tests, he thought it sounded like Celiac disease and wanted to do tests. As bad as my symptoms were I resigned myself to thinking I had Celiac disease and over time just stopped eating everything with any trace of gluten in it.  Slowly gluten-free food came onto the market, and even though prices were high, I purchased everything out there. Though my symptoms weren’t as bad I still had issues with gluten free foods. Finally, after reading everything I could find online about it, I tried taking a daily probiotic to help strengthen and repair my gut. After about a year of taking the probiotic and slowly putting foods with gluten back into my diet I am doing a lot better. I eventually did take the tests necessary to rule out Celiac disease and they were negative. So that was a relief. So to answer your question, I’m doing great! Thanks for asking.