2018 Container Gardening- Week Eight

This week I have teeny tiny pepper buds on my plants. It is so neat to see the flowers become fruit! As reported I am down one geranium,soon to be two, so I went out and bought a red geranium and red petunia to replace them. I learned my lesson at long last–no more plants no matter what from big box stores. I cannot believe I bought not one but two geraniums for $11.00 a piece and they didn’t smell like anything. For most of my life I couldn’t stand the smell of geraniums or petunias, but now my garden would not be complete without their unique smells. It sounds weird but it is true, and I can’t describe what they smell like–so next time you’re planting a garden buy some and see for yourself. They grow on you, I promise. Everything has doubled even tripled in size since plant. See for yourself–Happy Gardening All!


Food and flowers

A few pics uploaded while we are away enjoying Kansas City, MO. Before we left I froze six big bags of kale and dried my flower bouquet. So far I have harvested two freezer bags of rosemary. I usually get three by the time the garden is done. I also picked seven tomatoes. Five of the tomatoes are from one plant. I still have three tomatoes on one plant that will not turn red? I’ve tried pinching the suckers, removing the dead branches, and not watering. No luck. The real secret to getting tomatoes to turn red is HOT balmy weather. We had three days where heat index temps went up over 100 and humidity was at or above 85%. All of my tomatoes, except these three, turned red. After the hot spell, my parsley was nearly dead. But a little tender loving care and it’s looking good again. The cucumbers are growing fast, I replanted some in another container before we left. Pumpkins are in too but weren’t up before we left. We are staying here and we love it!  Next year I think we’ll be planning a vacation to Round Top Antique Fair in Texas. We’ll be back on Tuesday and I’ll be back on Wednesday with an easy recipe for Chocolate Mousse.

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