Fall baking

Source -cranberry muffins Happy 1st day of October friends.  Cooler temperatures call for fall baking. The first thing I want to bake is usually pumpkin something, anything. This past Saturday between hiking and golfing I baked both a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. I used homemade apple pie filling for the apple pie and then … More Fall baking

Elimination Diet

Source Update-elimination diet Officially it has been almost 2 months since I began the quest of living 100% gluten free. I feel it is the right time for an update about how things are going for me. First things first, so that my information is clear, the diet I am on now (self-prescribed) is not … More Elimination Diet

Gluten Intolerance

The irony of this post, a comprehensive look at my sensitivity to gluten, is not at all lost on me. I have struggled for years to eat right, eat healthily, and yet I’ve developed something that has thrown me (completely) for a loop. In 2007, I started this blog devoted to my family’s transition from a … More Gluten Intolerance