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Hello and welcome to my blog finn.  This blog details my journey into urban homesteading and a more sustainable life.  My family and I are devoted to our community, to eating locally grown food, and to the never-ending process of forage and feast. Something very important that I would like to add is that gardening (growing food, herbs, and flowers), learning to care for a wide array of house plants, and taking photos and blogging have been and continue to be great therapy for me.  I enjoy the many challenges of learning to grow things. Challenges help me to focus on the plants and how to best care for them/have the most success. Which encourages me to practice forward thinking vs. staying stuck inside my head (over analyzing everything) and moving backward or standing still.

I’m a Canadian living in Iowa married twenty-three years. By day I work as a CPA and on weekends I find time to volunteer, grow food, and start a new business called Living Simply. For fun, I read and review cookbooks.  I’m also what is affectionately called a domestic engineer extraordinaire. Besides the career gig, I love being at home cooking, baking and taking care of my family and household.

Disclaimer- all opinions, expressions, and views are my own personal opinions, expressions, and reviews. Pictures and content are exclusively mine unless otherwise noted.  Any change in diet should be under the direct care and supervision of a doctor.  My blog is a work in progress and content changes monthly.  The blogs I follow, share or link to may or may not share the same opinions, expressions or views as I do. The content of this blog is solely my opinion and is not in any way intended to harm or offend anyone.

This blog is dedicated to my great- great- grandfather Manuel (4th generation farmer) pictured here with my great-great-grandmother. Many many years ago now he bought his first farm in Ontario, Canada and soon after helped to frame his first barn–his pride and joy. Shortly afterward he contracted pneumonia and refusing to rest properly died at the young age of 40.

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My husband and I enjoying a Sunday afternoon in the park–8/2018

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