2018 Container Gardening- Week Five

The fifth week of container gardening brought me weather with heat indexes of 100 degrees and three storms with heavy rain and wind. What I end up doing when we have weather like this is move all plants closer to the door, make sure all my plants are staked, and watch how much or little I water. One has to be careful with the water during rainy, humid weather. I check my tomato plants and I remove all suckers from the bottom of each plant. When foliage on any plant gets wet it can rot the stem or in the case of tomatoes cause fungus rot. Fungus rot=blight and blight =plant death, no fruit. I’ve never dealt with blight and count myself extremely lucky. Early on in my gardening, I read about gardeners pinching suckers and removing the leaves from the bottom of the plant. Also, I keep my tomato plants well ventilated and never water over them from the top. I water around the bottom of them only. This year I’ve tried really hard to care for my plants before they look like they’re wilting from the hot sun. Of course, working full-time I’m not always able to throw a sunshade over them. The sun temperature on our deck this year is running between 90-110 degrees. HOT and very hard to grow a lot of things with heat like that. If I didn’t start my container garden with hardy plants from trusted nurseries, soil & fertilizer that I’ve grown to depend on, and attention to the plant once planted, I would never be able to keep my plant’s alive nevermind fruit bearing. I love, love the little solar lights my husband bought at Shopko. I think they were $4.00 each on sale and really compliment our garden this year. Until next time–Happy gardening!

Some purple flowers growing in the lawn–