June in review–in pictures

Tomatoes– one slicing tomato from what was just 8 weeks ago just an 8-10″ better boy tomato plant, and two Mighty Sweet cherry tomatoes. The plant these were growing on went through 3 mild freezes and was just barely a twig when planted this spring. It now holds almost twenty little tomatoes! My better boy plant is almost 2 feet tall and my spindly little cherry tomato plant has reached almost 4 feet tall. I won’t lie growing vegetables on a balcony/deck isn’t easy. I have found tomato worms, and I’ve picked three potato beetles off of my potato plants. We have a lot of the wind on the north face and I am constantly out there adjusting tomato cages and trying to keep my plants from breaking off in the wind. Storms are the worst because, although we don’t get much of the rain, the trays the planters sit in fill with water. So that involves picking up heavy pots, draining the trays and then it all starts over again with the next rain. This summer our area has had a lot of rain, storms, and wind. In the end though the fresh homegrown produce, even though the yield isn’t much, means everything to me. I feel secure in knowing I can grow some of our food, and I know once we have our own place again I can and will do well with a fairly good-sized garden. I cannot wait. Until next time–be well!