My container garden at one month!

First off let me just say– Thank you Purple Cow Organic Potting Soil and Tomato Gro! This year’s container garden is really growing fast and looking fabulous 🙂 Our container garden is in its fourth week.  Everything on our deck made it through three touches of frost… Frost burned the leaves on my tomato plants, but they bounced back with a vengeance. They look full, beautiful and full of flowers.  My potato plants are absolutely huge and are so beautiful. I did notice one big mistake I made when I planted them. Three weeks ago I planted six potatoes with eyes cut in half into Purple Cow organic potting soil. Unfortunately, one of the pots I put them into is not deep enough.

I found out about my mistake while talking up a local farmer who told me–in order for potatoes to grow the soil they are in must stay at around 65 degrees. In order to keep the soil that temperature, in the heat of summer, one must mound the dirt up against the potato plant. He also filled me in on several tips and tricks to avoid every conceivable pest and problem that can and usually does happen when growing potatoes. I never knew growing potatoes could be so difficult. No wonder everyone I mentioned my growing potatoes to thought I was really really ambitious. We shall see I am ready for whatever they want to throw at me. I learned quite a bit from this website about growing potatoes and it also has faq section.  I harvested a sixth lettuce crop, so two salads a week for three weeks, and first cuttings of my chocolate mint plant and lemon thyme plant. I found a neat site with chocolate mint recipes here.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Stop back next week, I’ll be sharing some tips on how to grill veggies to perfection!