Rocky Mountain essential Oils

I’ve been using oils for almost thirty years. For almost twenty-nine years, I’ve been buying them from a high-end grocery or health food store. I’ve always enjoyed using oils in soap, homemade lotions, and aromatherapy. I’ve practiced aromatherapy since I was a teenager. My favorite oils are- peppermint, orange, lemon and lavender. Peppermint is like Christmas for me and I use it all winter. Orange and lemon are fresh scents and I use them for cleaning, freshening my home and lightening my mood. Citrus oils are springtime for me. Lavender is a calming smell for me and my family and I’ve used it a lot in lotions and soap. I use lavender every night to help manage my sleep.  Although these oils have served a great purpose throughout the years, I wasn’t always sure they were pure and/or what they said they were. So I decided to look online for some alternatives to store bought essential oils. I found RMO- Rocky Mountain Essential Oils. The first essential oil I tried through this company was the Immunity Roll-On. It’s part of their kid’s line, but I use it every day.



I love the smell of their oils, their customer service, the speed that they ship product and the products themselves.  Rocky Mountain Oils is a leading non-MLM essential oils company. They’ve been around thirteen years and deliver directly to the consumer pure, authentic and safe essential oils. As a personal testimonial for this company, everything I have purchased from them has benefitted my family in one way or another. My husband LOVES their oils and he used to be the biggest non-believer of all.  I would highly recommend this company and its oils to anyone searching as I did for oils for my family’s day to day use. *I was not compensated in any way for this review*

My go-to essential oils guidebook



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