Homemade Turkey Gravy

Over the years I have perfected two things Thanksgiving dinner related- the turkey and the turkey gravy. The only thing about my thanksgiving meal that never turns out is the stuffing. I’m not one to stuff my bird– I’ve tried bread crumbs and day old dried bread but it never tastes as good as store … More Homemade Turkey Gravy

Cranberry Sauce

The recipe I use is — Cranberry Sauce It’s almost that time again for some to fix the turkey, prepare the stuffing and serve the cranberry sauce or mold to friends, family or in my case- both plus I will also serve dinner at one of the shelters I volunteer at.  I didn’t always like … More Cranberry Sauce

Pear Tart

My husband and I have eaten a lot of pears lately. Pears and apples abound around here folks. We went on that last run for the last of the freshly picked apples and pears at Bauer’s Marketplace and bought a ton. No, not really a ton. We actually bought a large box of pears- 64 … More Pear Tart